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Firearms Training in Orlando

In addition to providing professional firearms training in Orlando, FL, Eddy’s Security Training also offers a concealed weapons class and training for a D security guard license. All firearms training are taught by certified NRA instructors who are licensed gun instructors in the state of Florida and have an exemplary background in law enforcement. We teach you the safety and skills you need to know in order to be a responsible gun owner.

Concealed Weapons Class

Are you a responsible gun owner who wants to carry a concealed weapon? Florida law requires all persons applying for a CCW permit to successfully complete a state-approved concealed weapons class. This is not a firearms training class. So, in order to take the concealed weapons class in Orlando, you must be at least 21 years of age, have a Florida driver’s license or state ID, and be able to demonstrate competency and safety using your own firearm. After you complete our 2-hour concealed weapons class, you will be able to apply for a Florida CCW permit.

D Security Guard License

If you are looking for a rewarding career in the field of private security, you can begin working as an unarmed security guard anywhere Florida as soon as you complete our Class D security guard license training. Our D security guard license training program provides the state mandated 42-hours of instruction which covers everything you need to know to successfully perform your duties as an unarmed security guard including basic emergency first aid, fire suppression and life safety, crime and accident prevention and much more.  And when you’re ready to advance your career, our firearms training class in Orlando will help you take the next step.

To enroll in firearms training in Orlando, FL, or to obtain your concealed weapons permit or your D Security Guard License, contact us at 386-748-6765 today!


Class G Armed Security Guard License

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